Property Insurance

Comprehensive coverage is needed for your company to grow in the future.

Property Insurance can provide cover for accidental damage or loss to the property insured and the production tools of your company.

Fire Insurance

Covers loss of or damage to the property insured, such as the building structure (gate, fences included), furniture, fixture and fittings, stock, trade utensils, etc., caused by fire, lightening and/or explosion.

Burglary Insurance

Protects against loss of or damage to the property insured such as stock, trade utensils, equipment, etc., caused by burglary.

Money Insurance

Provides indemnity against the loss of money owing to burglary or theft whilst the money is kept in the premises or cash-in-transit to / from the premises and the bank.

Property All Risk Insurance

Named perils are applied to the insurance mentioned above, i.e. claim is applicable to the loss due to specified risk (such as fire).

Property All Risk offers different coverage to the insured. If the cause of the loss is accidental and it is not under the exclusion list, insured is then under covered.

Points to note: Exclusion also applies to property all risk cover, such as normal wear and tear or war and terrorism, etc.

Marine Cargo Insurance

Protects against loss of or damage to the cargo during the course of transportation. For details, please refer to marine insurance.