Rental Protector

Property owner often rent out their property to earn income, but landlord may suffer risk that they may not have considered before.

They may not able to collect rent from tenant. Moreover, the property may be destroyed even the landlord can regain the possession of the property.

* The property must have a duly stamped Tenancy Agreement with the Tenant that complies with all the requirements of Hong Kong legislation and statutory instrument and which must be in writing.

Rental protector can protect the property owner

  • legal expense and costs reimbursement for actions taken by
  • landlord against tenant to recover the rent in arrears or regain possession of the Insured Premises
  • Outstanding rent suffered by landlord due to rental default by tenant
  • Reinstatement cost for property damaged or destroyed by the tenant
  • Owner’s liability cover

*The above information is for reference only. Please refer to the policy documents for detailed terms and conditions and exclusions.